Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Beginngs_Kit and glitter

So we are all off and running with the a new year.
I am hoping it will hold better things then last year, but to be honest so far its a bit disappointing.
To many nasty and heartbreaking things happening around the world already.
I really hope it does a turn around and comes good.

I am once again late adding up my part to this, honestly I will be late for my own funeral lol.
I loved the color Palette, Linda chose for us to work with and also the theme.
And I started out so well with this, but christmas happened and then other things and I have been less of a recluse , and its summer.
The warmer weather when its not so hot you could melt, is really hard to ignore and want to be outside doing something in it.
So I dont have much to offer this time around.
But in a couple of weeks when things settle down for me, I am going to go back and really get into these colors and the theme and create alot of the ideas and inspiration I had for this.

Once again Joyce and Linda have parts to make up this one big kit as well.

This is my part of the kit and the glitters.

Dont forget to pop on over to  Redplaidz Designs    and   Joy's Creations 2013 
to pick up the rest of the kit and the extra's they will both have.

Have a lovely one :)


Pam K said...

I love this color palette; my favorites! Thank you for your portion of this collab -- the glitters styles are lovely & I love your papers!

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