Friday, November 14, 2014

The Grateful Table Kit and Glitter

I t's the 15th, that means its Digi Hop time :)

EDIT: Kits previews are uploaded to the digihop blog between the 13th-17th of each month, with the actual hop to go live on the 15th, I am posting this earlier, as I have noticed traffic coming to my blog looking for this kit. And for me, I really don't like when I see something advertised and then cannot find it on the blogs :)

The theme chosen was The grateful table.

 We don't do thanks giving in Australia, but I thought it would be fun and a chance for me to practice some more designing.
Its just a small kit, but I hope you enjoy and create some lovely pages with it.
I zipped it into one download, however if you are on dial-up or need smaller downloads, please contact me and I will organize that for you :)

I also made another set of glitters and this time besides the png sheets and asl file you will also find
a metadata xml and a xml file as well. 
Which means those of you who use PSE can also use the glitters. 
However it is the first time I have done those files for PSE, so providing I did them right, 
they will work in your program.  Please let me know if they dont, and I will have to go back to the drawing board and figure it out. 

Kit includes:
6 glitters in asl, png sheets,metadata xml and xml files. 
3 patterned papers
3 solid papers
2 flowers
2 leaves
1 messy paint
3 stapled hexagons
1 butterfly
1 curly swirl 
I vintage style frame
I stapled heart journal card

Dont forget to check the Digihop blog to see what other contributions have been made. 
Hope you all have a funtabulous day ♥


Dawn said...

Thank you so much!

GrannieEv said...

thank you for these beauties

grambie said...

Love the color and pattern mixes in your gorgeous gift. Thank you for all the wonderful included gifts of thanks. Hugs.

Mary Presley said...

Gorgeous!!! Lovely colors!! Beautiful flowers!! Lovely papers!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Carol and Doug said...

Without having personal experience with Thanksgiving, you still got it! Thanks

Kiki/mcgaelicgal said...

It's lovely, thank you! And THANK YOU for still having it available! =D

Amzad Hossin said...

Lovely and grateful design.

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