Wednesday, September 10, 2014

By the creek-Designer Challenge

Its been a little quite around these parts lately.  I have been busy doing other things and started several kits but just never managed to finish them.
But I do this for the enjoyment and emotional release creating allows me.
But I am loving the colors and the theme for the next blog train so I will most certainly be hopping aboard it :)

Just curious, have any of you popped into Pixel Scrapper and checked out all the fun things constantly happening there?
One of my favorite things about the site is that I can use any kit I like to enter the challenges,so I am getting pages done, and with the kit I want.
And now they are also running a challenge that uses the kits from the blog train each month, so its super easy to join in and make some other digi scrapping friends.
You also gets DC points for joining in at the site which in turn will allow you to choose from the many kits that are there.
Or you can join for as little as $10 per month to download PU kits.
So its really a win win all the way and you get to have fun as well and of course meet some wonderful people.  I just thought I would put that out there in case some of you downloading didn't know.
Maybe I will get to see some of you around there, I would love to say hi and leave some love on something you created.

Now for the freebie today, I joined in the on the designer challenge posted, and this one was to create your own papers from scratch, no templates.  Sounds simple, but it was challenging because I am so critical of what I create and always want to make it better by adding something to smooth the edges so to speak.
But I sat on my hands every time I got critical and tempted to just try and improve it lol.
And I still have a long way to go, but the results of my efforts are pretty good I think.
If you download them, do let me know what you think :)
So I used only pictures I have taken of different objects and textures, did a lot of playing around in the Filter section of Photo shop, blended them many together to get different results and tweaked the opacity and levels here and there.
Bottom line is I am kinda chuffed that these are my own creation.
Below is a pic of small sections of the photos I used to do this.

And here are the 8 papers created for your enjoyment. 
 By the creek download
Click the image to download or click Here
Thats all I have this time. 
Have a funtabulous one.


linda from arizona said...

Your papers are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us.

Cesc Worthy said...

Quite an interesting effect from your source photos. Thanks for all the papers.

Deb Burroughs said...

Stunning - thank you!!!

Mary Kruschke said...

Thanks, these are wonderful!