Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello_Writer May Blog Train freebie

Wow another month has past, and its time for another Blog Train.

This kit is the one that nearly was'nt.  I was so not inspired by this months color choices,
when I first saw them, I just felt there was no way I could bring something together. 
First week, I tried this and that and they ended up in the recycle bin, thought perhaps
I would have to pass on this months train.  Then I had family come and stay and all ideas
got shelved completely.

Well 3 days before this was due to be posted, my muse happened along, saw me with my 
head in the sand and butt up.  She did what all good muses should, gave me a good quick 
swift kick, which sent so many ideas into my head, I wasn't sure where I should start. 
So I started with 3 colors being the main colors. I had  grand plans of having an 
alpha, some wordarts and several more elements in this. 
However, my design skills and the little amount of time I had left, put paid to that lol. 

There is enough here for you to put together several lovely pages, so I hope 
you will be happy with it.  Once again I had some things that didnt make it into 
the kit, and rather then bin them, I packaged them up as a add-on. 

And if your wondering, paper tears?  Yeap lol, thats a new toy, and you have to play 
with new toys.  But there are no full size torn papers, I just shredded one into 
smaller useful bits. 

If you stumbled on this blog, and havnt heard of the monthly Pixel Scrapper  Blog Train
then just click the name and go see what its all about and find some more delightful kits. 
The ladies have really outdone themselves this month, so much digital candy :)

So here are the previews and links for you to grab my bits and pieces if you like them. 

Hello Writer Contains: 
10 Papers- 5 solids + 5 patterned
16 Elements
1 paperclip border
3 flowers
1 Leaf
1 stem
1 string
1 pen
1 frame(preshadowed)
1 heart brad
1 messy paint thingo
1 pen and splatter
1 torn tag (with ribbon)
1 torn strip (with brad)
2 single paper clips ( 1 black+1 white)

I also created a Quick Page because I enjoy creating them. 

 And Add-On's

 Add-On contains:
1 bordered cluster torn paper strip
1 Shadowed frame
2 torn strips for journaling
1 brad
6 flowers

I was working on another kit, but I didnt manage to finish it yet, 
so I will share once its done. 

Now I have the new color swatch, and a month to work on next months 
blog train, and I am inspired, so maybe I will make up for this months slackness :)

Till next post;
Be safe, Be happy, Be loved. 


Mersija's Majestic Design said...

Thank you for your awesome "Hello" kit.I also grabbed the add-on in facebook.Looking forward to designing something nice.

Marisa Lerin said...

So lovely! Thanks!

anitab said...

So glad the muse got you moving - this is excellent!!

Raye Mann said...

Gorgeous & original :) I would never have guessed you had trouble. Thanks so much!

Miss Becki said...

I love your papers!!! So glad that it worked out for you to join! :)

Lisa Zimmerman said...

Love it! It' my favorite so far!

Michelle King said...

Thanks so much for your awesome contribution.

Lis said...

Thank you for this lovely mini!

R said...

Your kit is very pretty and classy! :) Thank you for sharing it with us.

Mademoiselle d' Abanville said...

I am going to thank you greatly for this. You inspired me with your choice so greatly. My muse has been some where off the map as a writer and you hooked me this late night.
I so want to thank you and let you know ll creatives can loose the muse and when we delve towards another area or take a break, wham, it comes back!
I shall enjoy this greatly. Thank you for sharing your spirit.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for all of your sweet parts. -Marie

Mary Kruschke said...

You did amazing things in three days! Thank you kindly for sharing with us...adorable!

patanisundal said...

Hi! your kit is very lovely and elegant...I so much wanted to dl it but the links at the 'box' don't work! Am I too late? :(

Mozz said...

Hi patanisundal,
You can find all the kits and add-ons on this page here.

Past Freebies

Enjoy :)

Amzad Hossin said...

Your kit is lovely and informative. Thanks for sharing with us.

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