Saturday, June 4, 2011

We have a winner

I offered a chance to win the Nanum Bundle for someone who left me a comment..
Pam, thank you for your interest and also for leaving me a comment, and for letting me know you had found me lol... However I need you to contact me so I can get the coupon to you..

So if you email me at the address, I can get that to you.. Thank you...

No freebies today but I thought I would share some layouts with you.. Because I love doing challenges and just messing around with stuff in general..
So I will start with my most recent and work back :)
Digital Design Den has always had some great challenges happening..
So This month for the Quote challenge the quote was "Each flower is a soul blossoming in nature"by Gerard de Nerval.

So here is my take on this:
 ( Clicking the image will t ake you to the list of credits)

 I have also just discovered Jimbo Jambo Designs, she runs a challenge on her blog using templates she has created.. Now what makes it really fun, is that you cannot buy her templates anywhere, so you can only win them.. And that is pretty simple, you download the freebie template she has up, create a layout..
Then go back to her blog and in her comments leave a link to your layout.. Then Mr Random picks a lucky winner.. Now I have been spoilt and won twice now... 
This first layout is #3 from her Narrower Templates which I won...
Stock photo ©Dmitri MIkitenko

 Stock photo ©Pavel Losevsky

This is one I created for The Font Mania challenge at the Den

Stock Photo ©Pixelbube/
I created it from my Forever Bundle..

Now I am becoming hooked on Art Journal, although there seems to be different ideas on what is actual Art Journal.. 
So this is my take on it..

Images are linked to credits..

And last Digi manip is something I have always enjoyed doing, in fact its what lead me into the digital scrapping world, oddly enough.. I was looking for things to use..
But my eyes are getting old, and extracting isnt something I really love doing, so I was doing the happy dance when I stumbled onto Deep Tech
The photo I wanted to use was really not an easy one to work with, so I was over the moon when I got it back and I could use it instantly to start creating..
This was the original stock photo I purchased..  And here is my piece of art work with it and several kits..
Again I have linked the image so that you may get the list of kits used..

I called it "Dance to Destruction"

Please note all my work is: ©Maree Mulreany 2011
No coping/printing or saving to any harddrive or use of layout without my written consent.

No freebies today sorry.. 
Have a lovely one..

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