Thursday, March 3, 2011

All about me naturally

Hi ladies and gents?
Another week is almost here, which means another kit created and shared for the designer comp..
This week we had to pick our favorite color and then create 5 more shades of it. And our elements had to show something about us...
My color pallet runs to the earthy tones these days so I had to chose between brown, blue, or green..
I went with green... Now if I was successful, you should be able to tell the things closest to my heart with this kit..
I wonder how many will guess lol... Oh and the kit was to be called "All about me" ..

So this one was a labor of love, and I really hope you enjoy it, and can use it..
I am thinking about adding some more with some browns and blues, would you be interested?

I also have been really blessed this week, I never win anything and I got 3 raks in as many days this week..

I got some really awesome templates from Rainydayz Designs, Christine Smith Designs raked me with a $15 GC and I guessed correctly and won Sugar Fancy's Newest Kit to be released on Friday...

It pays to sign up to their newsletters and follow them on facebook or twitter :)
But I "am" feeling rather spoilt, but very happy, thank you again ladies...

I usually try and make something whenever I put a kit together.. So here are the two layouts I created from my mini...

 Photo © NikkiM Photography
Freeway map9 template by Roadside Designs
Ties that bind wordart by Snickerdoodledesigns by Karen

Now you can only get the link for the kit from the forum, those are the rules, but have a look because their are other kits there, that I know you will love.. And again if you can find the time to vote we all appreciate it..
And if you would like to come back and show us what you made, we would love that as well.... 
Grab the kit from HERE

Now I messed around even some more and came up with this layout.. 
Moments Word art is by Red Ivy Designs 

This photo is precious, Grandad had a nervous breakdown beginning of last year, 
and although he was on medication, he just got worse and worse.. 
Whole days where he just would not talk or acknowledge anyone was there.. 
Jazz has loved him with a passion since she was born, so when she came to visit, she at first would try 
get him to play or talk, in the beginning it was kinda painful to watch her crushed little heart. 
But she spent time here, and she is an intelligent little lady, so she would make sure if she had a biscuit 
or drink, that I gave her one for grandad as well.. 
We would play or do whatever and she would just look over and watch him.. 
If he went outside she would follow him but not bother him..
This particular day, he had decided to go sit in the sun and read.. 
She stopped playing with me, grabbed a chair and carry dragged it up beside his chair, 
came back and got her book and texta;s and went and sat beside him.. 
Never said a word, just sat with him...
Now she figures he has had long enough to be sick, so she starts calling him, and if he hasnt 
answered her by the third time, she goes right up to him and yells "Granddad"
Lol she is so funny, patience of a saint and heart of one to for someone so little... 

So I hope you can find a use for this... 

Thanks for dropping by.....


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 2 post on Mar. 03, 2011. Thanks again.

awelby said...

Gorgeous!! Thank you!!

Bernie said...
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Bernie said...

Lovely kit...thanks for linking us up :)
Bernie x

Mozz said...

Left you some love, and thank you for working your magic and making something so beautiful *hugz*