Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jolly Times and some extra's

So I am late getting this posted again.
You might remember a little while back, I joined in at Pixel Scrapper for a designer challenge where we were teamed up with others to do a "Pass the kit'.
Well I enjoyed working together so much with Joyce and Linda that the 3 of us decided we would like to work together again. And so we formed JLD Creations. We decided that around the 5th of each month we would share a kit we have been working on. For December I got to chose the colors and theme.
And I really loved these colors.
It bought to mind, days gone by, the big old santa with the big chubby happy face and lots of happy memories. 
So we each created several things to make one full kit

So you have 3 separate parts to collect to get whats in the preview.
This is my part of the kit

You can download it here
(But read through the whole post first, you will see why I say that if you do)
Next you will need to hop on over to Linda's blog to grab her part.
I think she has some more goodies for you to grab as well. 

Hop on over to Redplaidz Designs

 And then the you need to visit Joyce's blog to grab her goodies.
Here is a peek at what you can grab.

Hop on over to Joy's Creations 2013 

But wait!!!  There is more.
I created more to make a small kit, it includes the part that was above. 

You still with me cos there is more.
You want glitters right?
They contain the files PSE users need as well.

Dont go yet there is still something more :)
I was playing around some and came up with these.
Some torn papers and clusters and although its not displayed there is also
a Quickpage in this zip. 

Well that's it. I have run out of things to share with you.
Linda got to pick January's colors and theme and its scrumptious, so keep your eye out 5th next month. 
I will try have my part up on time.

Digihop is the 15th and I will most likely have something to share there as well. 

Wishing you all a safe and happy, loved filled month of December.
Not many sleeps now till Santa drops by.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Nutcracker-Kit and glitter

I am pretty sure the older you get the faster the year goes by. I can remember as a kid it seems to take a long long long time to get to Christmas or birthdays lol. I planned ahead once again, so only have 1 person left to buy a gift for, and of course they are the hardest person to buy for. And 3 dogs and 1 cat and apparently 2 horses now as well sigh. Furbabies in our family are just that family, we are an animal loving (crazy) bunch. It will also be one year that my little rescue girl and I found each other, we are both healing from trauma so we are a perfect match, and honestly I would be lost without her now. She has helped me find my way back to a much better place. And I have shown her that she is one special little girl and very much loved, even when she is naughty.
Bella's Journal
Kit:Beneath the beauty "Designs by Connie Prince
Template: Fuss free: Learn to fly 2 "Fiddle -dee- dee Designs"
Style: Copper "HG Designs"
Font: "StoryBook" "Santa's Sleigh Full"
Photography by ©Nikki Mulreany

Any other crazy animal lovers visit here?

Now back to the scheduled program hehehehe
I did a little research into The Nutcracker, its a very strange story
Besides the young girl and of course The Nutcracker, the main things seemed to be
the grandfather clock, the mouse king and his army. .
And the very strange love the young girl had for this inanimate object, which of course as the story progresses
turns into a young prince. 
And I guess the moral of the story is, being able to love something  or someone totally regardless of there
outward appearance. 
Of course there is the famous ballet based from this story as well.
So I hope you like what I created.

I made some glitter again and its PSE friendly as well.

Have a pawsome week.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Grateful Table Kit and Glitter

I t's the 15th, that means its Digi Hop time :)

EDIT: Kits previews are uploaded to the digihop blog between the 13th-17th of each month, with the actual hop to go live on the 15th, I am posting this earlier, as I have noticed traffic coming to my blog looking for this kit. And for me, I really don't like when I see something advertised and then cannot find it on the blogs :)

The theme chosen was The grateful table.

 We don't do thanks giving in Australia, but I thought it would be fun and a chance for me to practice some more designing.
Its just a small kit, but I hope you enjoy and create some lovely pages with it.
I zipped it into one download, however if you are on dial-up or need smaller downloads, please contact me and I will organize that for you :)

I also made another set of glitters and this time besides the png sheets and asl file you will also find
a metadata xml and a xml file as well. 
Which means those of you who use PSE can also use the glitters. 
However it is the first time I have done those files for PSE, so providing I did them right, 
they will work in your program.  Please let me know if they dont, and I will have to go back to the drawing board and figure it out. 

Kit includes:
6 glitters in asl, png sheets,metadata xml and xml files. 
3 patterned papers
3 solid papers
2 flowers
2 leaves
1 messy paint
3 stapled hexagons
1 butterfly
1 curly swirl 
I vintage style frame
I stapled heart journal card

Dont forget to check the Digihop blog to see what other contributions have been made. 
Hope you all have a funtabulous day ♥